Abandoning the clutter, chaos, and difficulties! Unmanned, the equipment warehouse can be so intelligent.

Traditional Equipment Warehouse:
❌ Manual ledger: Low efficiency, prone to errors
❌ Limited maintenance: Usage/quality cannot be guaranteed
❌ Information silos: Difficult cross-regional coordination, wastage of resources

To enhance equipment management efficiency,
Improve response speed,
Reduce workload for management personnel,
SENKEN GROUP Intelligent Warehouse emerges.
It integrates unmanned warehouse, facial recognition, smart shelves, online approval, and automatic inventory functions.
It establishes an intelligent equipment management system from provincial to county levels, cascading from top to bottom.

After upgrading the intelligent warehouse:
✅ Process automation:
Intelligent recognition, unmanned operation, autonomous borrowing and returning.
✅ Equipment IoT (Internet of Things):
One item, one code; retrieval and placement based on codes; positioning + maintenance double buff.
✅ Information platformization:
Hierarchical management, real-time data sharing, coordinated resource allocation.

The entire construction plan
Can be customized according to actual needs
Taking the Public Security Bureau as an example, it can cover 5 areas
��� Police Equipment Area (mainly with intelligent shelves)
Management of storage, issuance, and return of emergency supplies, classified positioning and arrangement
��� Individual Police Equipment Area (mainly with intelligent individual police equipment cabinets)
Full-process and all-round management of storage, issuance, and return of individual police equipment
��� Recognition Area
Monitoring of personnel entry and exit, automatic equipment recognition, automatic data upload
��� Reception Area
Display of big data, display of warehouse information, deployment, in/outbound management, pending storage management
��� Scrap Area
Storage of scrapped police equipment, neat stacking, clear labeling

From the entry of equipment into the warehouse to issuance, storage,
To every step of the final scrapping process,
Each step can be implemented with control and supervision
Human-Equipment-Business integration
Comprehensively improving the operational mode of equipment management
Truly achieving intelligence

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