Work development concept

The development of human resources are carried out around the six modules of departmental responsibilities. The specific guidelines indicate as:
  • Establish an enterprise's three-dimensional talent recruitment system through the combination of multiple channels and multiple methods;
  • Combine the needs of enterprise development, conduct management level, technical skills training.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and due diligence of departments and personnel based on job responsibilities and work objectives, supplemented by rewards.
  • Establish a salary system and adjustment plan based on the development of regions, industries and enterprises.
  • Establish and cultivate a harmonious corporate culture atmosphere and unified values through the combination with corporate cultural work;
  • Provide support for the steady development of enterprises through the effective implementation of human resource management.

Employee career planning

Smooth internal selection channel-competitive employment
    In 2017, the company first launched competition for mid-level management cadres. Through competitive recruitment, the company selected 67 mid-level and high-level cadres, including 2 ministers born in the 90s, 8 ministers born in the 80s, 10 mid-level cadres born in the 90s, and 80s born. 25 middle-level cadres.

Salary and welfare employee relationship management

Details of existing benefits
  • Five social insurance and housing fund, paid vacation
  • Working meals, high temperature allowance
  • Annual group building activities, tourism, family visits and transportation subsidies
  • Employee accommodation, husband and wife rooms, special benefits for female employees
  • Holiday benefits: Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, labor, Dragon Boat Festival, birthday

Salary and welfare employee relationship management

Establish clear and effective incentive measure
  • Internally carry out technical grade evaluation
  • Implement year-ended bonus policy
  • Project commission bonus
  • Positive incentives for appraisal and salary
  • Equity incentive

Create a corporate culture with interstellar characteristics

Charitable dedication-donated millions to set up an interstellar title charity fund
    In 2008, StarCraft invested 1 million yuan to establish StarCraft Naming Fund.

Colorful corporate culture

Have the courage to assume social responsibilities—accepting the employment of the disabled
    The company currently has 29 disabled employees, and they have a nice name "Welfare Employees" in Interstellar. They enjoy various welfare subsidies provided by the company.

Colorful corporate culture

Love donation
    Interstellar donates up to one million yuan each year.

Colorful corporate culture

Volunteer Service Team
    The company has existing non-profit organizations such as the party member volunteer service team, the party activist volunteer service team and the interstellar volunteer team. Actively participate in various creation activities of Wenzhou and the company to promote the development of the two healthy pioneering areas.

Promote group strategy

Performance results
    Through performance management, it has promoted the improvement of the capabilities of institutions and individuals, promoted the optimization of management processes and business processes, and ensured the realization of the organization's strategic goals.