Development Status Of Automobile Loudspeaker & Police Siren Industry In China ​

Development status of automobile loud speaker & police siren industry in China 

1 development trends

As there is no significant change in the product function design of automobile speakers, many automobile speaker manufacturers are committed to the decorative innovation of products, and have a small amount of investment to enhance the sound quality. The new products of various styles have the characteristics of glossy net cover and shiny basin surface, and a small number of improved tweeters are used for better sound quality. As competition intensifies from the three major automotive speaker supply centers in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the mainland of China, many manufacturers are constantly enhancing their research and development capabilities and maintaining low product prices to ensure victory in the competition.

Many automobile speaker manufacturers predict that the product prices will remain stable in the first half of 2004. But companies in mainland China say that if the price of plastics and steel rises, and if tax rebates are slashed, the price of products could rise later. Despite these problems, many manufacturers are still optimistic about the outlook for 2004, and export earnings are expected to grow by 20%.

(1) Hong Kong: fashionable appearance and good sound quality

Hong Kong automotive speaker manufacturers are working hard to improve the appearance and structure to improve the sound quality of their products. Because the size and shape of loudspeakers are basically standard, the design of mesh cover and the coating of vibrating basin are the areas that can be used flexibly by the manufacturer. It is reported that Shi JA Zhong acoustic fty Ltd already has half mesh, half shokegille car speakers. The appearance of this kind of half wheel mesh cover is similar to the edge of automobile wheel, and it is developed and designed to meet the aerodynamic requirements of users. The mesh cover is made of ABS. The company is also offering an IMPP (injection molded polypropylene) to replace common vibrating pot materials (such as paper, plastic, PP and fiber)

Products made of vibrating basin. IMPP does not need to be coated or electroplated because pigments are added to the material prior to injection molding. The company obtained IMPP materials from Taiwan. Another area of research and development is the surface coating of vibrating pots. Electroplating is the most common choice. Shija Zhong, on the other hand, uses a surface brushing method to make the surface look like a CD disc, with popular slotting and flashing surface. Many manufacturers have also made minor changes in the speaker structure. Some of the new tweeter products have ferrofluid and aluminum coated film, as well as larger magnets to improve sound output. Wing Cheong Eletroa-According to coustie industrial Ltd., magnetofluid reduces the possibility of overheating speakers, which are more than 10% more expensive than those without them. The company has introduced the use of aluminum coating on PP vibration basin of high speaker.

Shi JA Zhong uses larger speaker magnets to improve the audio quality of the speakers. Loudspeakers with this magnet remain competitive in price. The company can still offer the same price for 993g (350Z) magnet speakers as 653 g (23 oz) products.

There are about 30 automobile speaker manufacturers in Hong Kong. The sales volume of elite en gineering (intelligent) Co. lid increased by 20% in 2003, while that of Shi JA Zhong increased by 15%. Wing gheong reflected that the demand for products was increasing rapidly from the middle of 2003, and the export in 2004 would increase by 8%.

Many manufacturers are involved in installation competition, but so far the product price has been stable within $5-810 (FOB). The exception is wing gheong, whose price is 5% lower than other products.

(2) Taiwan: product design focuses on appearance

In 2004, Taiwan’s car speakers will have a bright appearance. Various types of products have the characteristics of die-casting aluminum and iron pot racks, as well as carbon fiber or glass fiber vibration basins. The appearance of the new product is flatter. The sound quality of the speakers is better due to the use of heat-resistant voice coils.

There are about 10 automobile speaker manufacturers in Taiwan. Most of them have relocated their production equipment overseas. Most of them are located in the southern part of the mainland where labor and land costs are relatively low.

Many manufacturers expect a 10% – 20% increase in product demand in 2004, and many new products will continue to be put on the market. The United States and Japan are still the main export markets. Many manufacturers are actively introducing cheaper car loudspeakers into the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

In 2004, yuhcherng will develop new loudspeakers only in OEM mode to replace the new products developed by itself. The company can produce 40000 auto loudspeakers per month, while high hit has 4 production lines in Shenzhen, which can produce 60000 auto speakers per month. Tronstar will

50% of its products are shipped to OEM buyers, whose Guangdong plant can produce 200000 car speakers a month, and the company plans to increase its monthly production capacity by 50% in 2004.

These suppliers have more than 20 years of experience in the production of automotive speakers, and have obtained IS09001, IS09002 certification and QS9000 certification.

In addition, eletroniar’s die cast iron pot frame is used instead of eletroniar. Highhitco uses CNC machines to produce bright looking car speakers.

Tronstar said the cf-ack series speakers developed by the company use small and thin NdFeB magnets to ensure high magnetic force. This series of products also use heat-resistant ASV voice coil. The price range is $20-825 / set for products with aluminum and $10-815 for iron bonsai. It is expected that product prices will remain stable in the near future.

The oversupply and price war have forced Taiwan’s auto speaker manufacturers to reduce the production and diversify their products into other series of products, such as hi fi system, home theater speaker system and wall mounted speaker. For example, yuh Cherng Electronics Corp. reduced its car speaker production from about 20% to 5%.

(3) Mainland China: three production bases

There are three major automobile speaker production bases in mainland China: Guangdong produces medium and high-end products; Jiangsu and Zhejiang produce low-grade products; Hebei is a new resource center, which produces various coaxial car speakers, including 2-way, 4-way, 6-way and 8-way products, with IMPP and PP vibration basin, with sensitivity of 86-93 dB and frequency response range of 80 hz-20 kHz. Innovation focuses on the shaping and attractive appearance of the basin frame and vibrating basin. Speaker package

Prices of plastics and steel, including plastics and steel, will rise in 2004; many manufacturers are also facing acute problems. The government recently reduced the tax rebate for car speakers from 13% to 4%, which will increase the price of products. Suppliers in mainland China launch dozens of newly designed car speakers every year, most of which are ODM designed products. Ningbo keep improving elctronie Co. Ltd invests 6.5% of its annual sales to R & D and develops 20-30 new products each year. Peiying invests 5% of its annual sales into R & D, and has a research and development team of 60 people, and develops about 60 new products every year. Jiashanboss Electronics Co. LD uses a strong R & D team of 50 people to launch 30-50 new products every year. Domestic manufacturers are optimistic about the prospect of 2004 and are further improving their production capacity. Peiying has the capacity to produce 150000 products a month and can supply more than 100 types of loudspeakers. They are confident that exports will continue to grow by 20% in 2004, so they will install new production

Line to expand production capacity. The monthly production capacity of Ningbo keep has reached 400000 units, and the export of Ningbo keep is expected to increase by 50% in 2004.

Many manufacturers have begun to pay attention to overseas trade fairs and increase their export sales. 80% of Hanghou hi — sound Elee tronie FTY’s products are supplied to OEM customers, and many overseas orders have been received. All products are exported to the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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