Bullet Proof Vest Have A Variety Of Classification

Bullet Proof Vest are personal protective equipment worn in order to ensure the survival of human beings under certain circumstances. They can absorb and dissipate the kinetic energy of warheads and fragments, prevent them from penetrating, and effectively protect the body from the protected parts. At present, the bullet-proof vest mainly refers to the bulletproof vest that protects the front chest and the back to prevent the bullets and fragments from killing the vital parts of the human body. With the improvement of the research on Bullet Proof Vest, people are not satisfied with only considering the bulletproof performance of Bullet Proof Vest. Whether from a practical point of view or commercial point of view, light, comfortable is the common goal pursued by users and producers, such Bullet Proof Vest more and more by the user's favor.

Bulletproof vest history

As an important personal protective equipment, Bullet Proof Vest have undergone a transition from a metal armor shield to a non-metal composite material and have undergone a process of development from a purely synthetic material to a composite system of synthetic materials, metal armor plates and ceramic protective sheets .

The advent of Kevlar fibers in the late 1960s and early 1970s not only represented a new breakthrough in the history of synthetic fiber technology but also brought a revolutionary leap forward for Bullet Proof Vest. In 1991, the Netherlands invented Twaron fiber and produced a lighter, more bullet-proof, more breathable UHMWPE bulletproof vest. In 1998, British scientists made a new type of material bulletproof vest made of polymer fiber material extracted from liquid crystal, and added a material that can effectively prevent static electricity to make the latest super anti-static bulletproof vest. It is not only bulletproof, but also in aircraft, naval vessels, oil depots, ammunition depot this most afraid of static and most likely to produce static sparks place wear, even if the accidental explosion, Bullet Proof Vest are also very protective.

Bulletproof vest classification

Bullet Proof Vest have a variety of classification. According to the protection level, it is divided into three types: bulletproof film, anti-low-speed bullet and anti-high-speed bullet. According to the design, it is divided into three types: vest, jacket and headgear; Anti-bomber anti-ballistic system anti-fragment flak vest, security Bullet Proof Vest, Bullet Proof Vest and other varieties; according to the scope of use, divided into police and military two; based on the use of materials, divided into software, hardware and software and hardware Three kinds of body.

The body bullet-proof vest, also known as enhanced bullet-proof vest, bullet-proof material with a special steel, super-hard aluminum and other metal materials or ceramic hard non-metallic materials as the main body of such Bullet Proof Vest can play a more effective protection, However, the softness is poor and bulky, and the police are generally used only under very dangerous conditions. Software bulletproof vest, also known as lightweight bulletproof vest, bullet-proof material to high-performance textile fibers, the use of textile structure, light weight, and has a considerable flexibility, so comfortable to wear, military and police to carry out routine tasks such as wearing more Bulletproof vest. Soft and hard composite bullet-proof vest lined with soft materials to hard materials for the panel and reinforcing material, to a certain extent, the advantages of hardware and software Bullet Proof Vest, is the development of modern Bullet Proof Vest. Bullet Proof Vest with its defensive ability is divided into seven levels. The first is the least defensive and the seventh is the defensive, most often described by the weapon it can resist. The lowest level of Bullet Proof Vest can only defend bullets of smaller caliber, less powerful pistols. Some high-level Bullet Proof Vest can defend against powerful firearms. The first to the third category are basically Bullet Proof Vest, the fourth to the seventh category includes hardware and composite Bullet Proof Vest.

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