Butterfly Bulletproof Shield : Easy To Resist Bullets



1) high strength, light weight, foldable, strong protection, installation and secure, easy to operate, is a good protective equipment for law enforcement officers to perform the task .

2) Can be used for anti-terrorist assault, suppression of riots, forced dissolution of demonstrators and other riot incidents, the shield has the characteristics of offensive and defensive integration to improve the dynamic protection of the shooting ability. Suspension system can be quickly transferred from the shield to the front shield to liberate user hands.

3) The use of butterfly bullet-proof shields is not restricted by the site and environment. It can be carried by single soldier and tactical attack modes can be rapidly formed. Or making the combination of multiple people forms a large-scale attack mode according to the actual situation of the mission.



1) Dimensions: 667 x 815mm (width x height)

2) Width after folding: 230mm x 815mm (thickness x height)

3) The total weight: ≤ 6kg

4) Protection area: ≤ 0.43m²

5) Material of shield body : PE, to minimize the total mass of bullet-proof shield. The overall structure consists of three shield body: the middle shield body and about two shield body. Shape design inspired by insects – butterflies, the overall shape of a butterfly-like appearance. At the same time using a reasonable principle of interpersonal relationship design, S-type arc can be limited dispersion of foreign bullets or cold weapons, high-speed impact.

6) Gun rack and gun rack Handrail: made of high strength aluminum alloy with precision casting. Its appearance and shape conform to the principles of ergonomics. At the same time, as a support point of firearms at shooting time, it enhances hand-held comfort of law enforcement users.

7) Shield connection belt: The use of high-quality, high-density nylon woven belt to ensure product reliability.

8) Strap: The use of high-strength water, anti-aging, fire-retardant materials.

9) Carrying backpack: made of 300D Oxford cloth processing, reasonable structure, solid, highly practical.


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