Chen Weijun Visits Private Entrepreneurs In Deer: Hand In Hand To Promote Wenzhou Private Economy To Achieve A New Leap

Chen Weijun visits private entrepreneurs in deer: hand in hand to promote Wenzhou private economy to achieve a new leap

On the occasion of the second Wenzhou private entrepreneurs' day and 2020 China (Wenzhou) new era "two health" forum to be held, Chen Weijun, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, led a team to visit and comfort private entrepreneurs, sent sincere care and good wishes on behalf of the municipal Party committee and government, and encouraged private entrepreneurs to continue to write the history of innovation in Wenzhou and to be a good "important window" builder, maintainer and exhibitor Make new achievements.


Every time he went to an enterprise, Chen Weijun sent greetings to the person in charge of the enterprise and paid homage to the private entrepreneurs who had taken root in Wenzhou and started their own businesses. During face-to-face exchanges with entrepreneurs such as Chen Shisheng, founder of star Holding Group Co., Ltd. and Zhou Lianfen, chairman of Shenou communication equipment Co., Ltd., Chen Weijun said that "Wenzhou private entrepreneur's Day" is the main way for Wenzhou to care about enterprises, attach importance to enterprises, and treat entrepreneurs with courtesy. Since its establishment, it has greatly boosted the confidence of entrepreneurs and established a good image of Wenzhou It plays an important role in building a new pro Qing political business relationship and promoting the "two healthy" development. Wenzhou will become a city where entrepreneurs can be nurtured and supported by private enterprises.When inspecting the product display and production workshop of the enterprise, Chen Weijun affirmed the enterprise's practice of accelerating informatization and intellectualization, taking the road of innovation driven and integrated development. He said that cultivating and creating a large number of technological and innovative enterprises is the basis for promoting the high-quality development of Wenzhou regional economy. It is hoped that the majority of private entrepreneurs will vigorously carry forward the spirit of Wenzhou people in the new era, deeply plough into the industry, refine the main business, make efforts in product innovation, technological innovation, process innovation, management innovation and mode innovation, further enhance the discourse power of the industry, occupy the commanding height of the market, and jointly promote the realization of a new leap in Wenzhou's private economy. During the visit, while paying tribute to the older generation of entrepreneurs, Chen Weijun encouraged the new generation of entrepreneurs to have the courage to innovate and continue to write legends at a new starting point, so that Wenzhou's private economy can always maintain vitality.


Municipal leaders Wang Jun and Wang Chi, district leaders Jiang Jingfeng and Quan Yifan participated in the activity.

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