Cutting-Edge Body Cameras Empower Law Enforcement with Advanced Recording Technology



Through on-site monitoring, command and dispatch, SOS alarms, real-time positioning, video calls and other technological means, the law enforcement process is recorded in real time, and the law enforcement process is commanded in real time to achieve the interconnection of information between front-end law enforcement and back-end command centers, making every law enforcement visualization and intelligence, continuously improving the applicability and quality level of police information equipment, breaking the problem of “information silos” in the front-end and back-end, and improving law enforcement efficiency, Integrating intelligent innovation into police work, truly achieving technological strength in police work.


Advantages of the plan

• Scientific and effective law enforcement data management

The system has the functions of fast automatic export of the body worn camera data, scientific classification and storage, which can be consulted according to different search conditions, and can be shared to other third-party business platforms.

• Full law enforcement supervision

With the function of remote law enforcement supervision, it is necessary to be able to leave marks throughout the law enforcement, real-time remote supervision and backtracking.

• Remote command and dispatch

With the ability of unified command and dispatch, the command and dispatch center can monitor the relevant video and data in the jurisdiction in real time, and uniformly deploy law enforcement resources in special cases, centralized disposal, and quickly complete incident processing.


• Personnel fine management

Have the ability of unified management of personnel, daily fine management of law enforcement team members and temporary assistant team members.

• Interconnection between systems

The system will integrate the personnel and team for integrated access, unified management, and compatible with the existing information collection equipment, will collect all kinds of audio and video data, to achieve unified access, analysis, processing and other functions.

• High-speed transmission based on 4G network

Based on 4G network, audio and video communication and on-site video transmission between management platform and law enforcement personnel are realized. Improve the timeliness and effectiveness of law enforcement personnel inspection and law enforcement through network monitoring: on the one hand, real-time network monitoring has a complementary effect on the inspection work of the unit; On the other hand, when the accident occurs, the front-end scene can be monitored in real time through the large screen, and the front-line law enforcement personnel can be quickly communicated and commanded.

The design of the law enforcement recorder closely caters to the needs of officers, featuring special designs such as waterproof and shockproof capabilities to adapt to various extreme environments. Meanwhile, its portable design and long battery life provide law enforcement officers with a more convenient user experience. A professional data management system ensures the secure storage of records and supports quick retrieval and sharing.

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