Desirable Features Of Exterior Police Light Bars

Coming to a decision about what models of Police Light Bars to equip your department’s emergency vehicles with is a multi-step process. There are a number of considerations to be made in regards to mounting types, vehicle compatibility, and even material type. However, it is not only important to consider the implementation of your new light bars, but also the features that will offer your officers the best tools to get the job done. When shopping for police light bars it is good to keep an eye out for the following features:

1. 360-Degree Lighting

Believe it or not, not all police light bars actually provide complete circular visibility of the lights they house. This is a feature that is very important for the visibility of your department’s cruisers, and therefore should be considered a safety feature. Some models of lights claim to offer 360-degree visibility, but actually have significant obstruction of their bulbs. Be sure to keep an eye out for light bars designed to offer unobstructed light. Certain models of light bars actually allow for multiple degree-measurements of visibility, allowing your officers to use their own discretion to determine the visibility of their lights. This sort of feature could be useful for late night residential stops, where lights only need to be visible to the car that is being pulled over so that sleeping residents of the neighborhood are not disturbed.

2. LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are one of the best features a light bar can have. In addition to providing bright, naturally colored light, LEDs have very long lifespans. They are very durable, being enclosed in high-quality plastics instead of glass, and are designed to be usable even in very cold conditions without risk of damage. They are also significantly lower cost to replace in the case of damage, as LED light bars are constructed using arrays of tiny, inexpensive bulbs. On top of all of these practical features, LED bulbs are also the ideal environmentally-friendly option, as they are incredibly easy to recycle and are made with non-toxic materials.

3. Dual Color and Programmable Flash Options

Many high-end light bars offer lower-cost models with only single-colored lights. While these may be cost-effective, they are unlikely to serve the needs of your emergency vehicles. Make sure to look out for models offering dual-colored lights. Along the same lines, programmable flash options are a feature that is ideal for police cruisers and other emergency vehicles as well. Being able to change the strobe patterns of your vehicle’s light bar allows different settings for the demands of varying situations; for example, a programmable light bar could be set to strobe slowly for idle use in a construction zone or for an officer directing traffic.

4. Durable Encasements

A lasting light bar requires quality materials. Make sure to research the materials of the encasements of your chosen light closely. If you are in a high-temperature location, such as Arizona or New Mexico, make sure you get lights that won’t overheat or melt. Low quality plastics may not have the heat rating to survive intense sunlight. Additionally, while LED light bulbs are very resistant to the cold, their encasements might not be. Make sure to mind the materials in cold environments as wellHealth Fitness Articles, as cracked plastic will affect functionality.

Watching out for useful features will ensure that your department gets police light bars that will last and will serve your officers well. It’s well worth the time to shop for the features you need. Need help exploring your options? Don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-562-5125!

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