Directly hitting the scene, the popularity is explosive

Senken will take actual combat demand as the starting point,bring more high-quality solution to the exhibition hall 3-14 Senken Booth in Hall 3,and directly strike the industry pain point with more professional,integrated and more comprehensive advantages,attracting live customers,media and leaders stop to watching. The consultation and communication continued,and the atmosphere at the scene was warm and harmonious.
XJ (1)

All Series Product,eye -catching characteristics
Different from previous product display method,Senken booth is based on the advantage of the all series products,and one-step service to meet the customers’ needs on the spot.
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XJ (3)

XJ (4)
New Type of Smart Police Car Integration
It based on the luxurious appearance and the advantage of the high integration,attracted more attention,the consultation was continued on the spot.

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XJ (6)

Vehicle-Mounted Mobile Patrol Terminal
Faster than the traditional police model
20 times intelligent patrol model
From “sweat” police to new “wisdom” police
Faster, more efficient, more labor-saving

XJ (7)

XJ (8)
Motorcycle Law Enforcement Communication System
As iron cyclone
Daily patrol law enforcement walks on the street
High requirements for flexibility and lightness
And motorcycle law enforcement communication system
Meet the needs of security and efficient law requirements

XJ (9)
XJ (10)
XJ (11)
Single Alarm Protection Series
Real -life model
More intuitive and more comprehension display of upper body effect
Many types of protection device can try on
Personally experience” protection and comfort”

XJ (12) XJ (13)

Radio and Audio Forensics Series
Police law enforcement cannot be separated from forensics equipment
Whether 4G or 5G
Whether basic model or intelligent model

XJ (14)

All can be found in Senken
Drone Counter Series
The “black flight” incident is repeated
Air safety is not guaranteed
Only reasonable to used of the counter technology
Can more efficient and conveniently to end of the “black flight”
Protect the air safety

XJ (15)

XJ (16)
Special Sound and Light Series
In large gathering activities or large -scale areas
Difficult to warn?Difficult to control?
It needs special sound and light equipment solution
Remote warning,sound and light integration,strong wave dispersion
All can do

XJ (17)
Warning Lighting Series
Senken as “police light household”
Various types of police lights
Low row light,round light,bar light,etc.
Also can be modified according to the need
Customized customization, more linkage, more matching

XJ (18)

XJ (19)
Intelligent Device Management Series
For units and individuals
Each time the equipment was accessed,there are some small problems
Improper equipment preservation, troubles for data accounting, etc.
Can be solved by intelligent equipment management solutions
While caring for equipment, it also guarantees management needs

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XJ (5)
XJ (23)
XJ (6)
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