Good News: Interstellar Holding Group Won The Title Of The Most Beautiful Factory in Wenzhou City

In order to implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on the strategy of manufacturing a strong country and deeply implement Wenzhou's "manufacturing development two-wheel drive" strategy, the Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau focus on four aspects: the beauty of production, the beauty of innovation, the beauty of humanities, and the beauty of the environment. Dimension jointly initiated the search for the "Most Beautiful Factory". Through the links of enterprise declaration, local recommendation, expert guidance, online voting, expert review and publicity, 20 "Most Beautiful Factory" were produced in the city, and our company was honored.


The most beautiful factory is a comprehensive evaluation, which can be affirmed. It reflects the advanced nature of the enterprise in the upgrading of manufacturing system and digital application, the remarkable achievements in R&D and innovation, the distinctive and effective corporate culture construction, as well as the modern, orderly and comfortable , clean and tidy enterprise environment, is a high recognition of the construction of all aspects of the enterprise.


In the long-term operation process, Interstellar has paid attention to the coordinated development of economic construction and spiritual civilization construction, continuously innovated with a sense of mission to promote the overall progress of the industry, and achieved remarkable results. Public welfare undertakings, actively fulfilling social responsibilities, and establishing a good internal and external image. The shortlist for the most beautiful factory this time is an affirmation of the company's staged work. The company will also take this award as an opportunity to forge ahead with reforms and enterprising spirit. It will invest in the new construction journey with a fuller spirit, in-depth high-quality development, and make the company bigger Strengthening creates greater space and possibilities, and also makes greater contributions to local economic and social development.

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