History Of Fire-Fighting Equipment

History of Fire-Fighting equipment

Whenever there is a fire, you can always see the fire truck on the road. As one of the main forces in the field of emergency firefighting, the fire truck has greatly improved the efficiency of emergency firefighting. At the same time, it provides important equipment for emergency firefighting and an important guarantee for fast and efficient fire fighting.

As early as 500 years ago, fire trucks had just appeared, not to mention other equipment.So far, science and technology are advancing with each passing day, and new fire-fighting equipment has been continuously researched and developed. Fire-fighting vehicles have already completed the development from a single variety to an efficient and multi-variety, which can adapt to the needs of fire fighting in different situations and different fire situations. For example, at night when fires often occur, illuminated fire trucks are built for lighting needs.


Illuminating fire truck

The vehicle is mainly equipped with generators, fixed lifting lighting towers, mobile lamps and communication equipment to provide lighting for night fire fighting and rescue work. At the same time, it also serves as a temporary power source for the fire scene to provide electricity for communication, broadcasting and demolition equipment.

As an important lighting source for emergency fire fighting at night, the lighting source equipped on the illuminating fire truck is very important. 

The following equipment is specially developed by Senken Group for emergency and fire rescue work. 

High-power support provides important guarantee for night Illuminations.



Pneumatic Mast, Extenable Heigjt to 1.8 meters,  600W LED flood light beam,  6000 lumen, Low power comsuption

Rotatable design, horizontal rotation up to 380°, vertical rotation up to 330°, achieve omni-directional rotation lighting.

Wired + wireless control, wireless remote control distance up to 50 meters, can be used for remote lighting control needs.

A camera is optional above the rotating head and in the middle of the lamps at both ends to meet the need of shooting. It can also shoot in an all-round way with the head.Suitable for medium sized special vehicles such as communication command vehicle, lighting vehicle, rescue vehicle, fire fighting vehicle etc.

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