HoloLens Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses


In 2018, the U.S. Army and Microsoft signed a $480 million contract to purchase 100,000 HoloLens augmented reality (AR) glasses. We are not feeling strange mentioning VR (virtual reality) glasses. Many people have experienced it. It displays virtual images through a small LCD screen that is very close to the human eye.


Augmented reality (AR) glasses like HoloLens are different. It uses projection or diffraction technology to project a virtual image on the lens based on the human eye seeing the real scene through a transparent lens. In this way, the display effect of the fusion of reality and virtuality can be achieved. Today, long-invested integrated headset is about to use in the army.


The main reason that the US Army purchase so many HoloLens glasses is to make "everyone Iron Man." By integrating HoloLens glasses into the existing individual combat system, the U.S. Army will add several unprecedented functions to the combatants of the frontline forces:

01 Know the facts

Combatants can use the AR display effect of HoloLens glasses to understand and perceive our troops information, enemy target information, battlefield environment information, etc. in real time, and send intelligence or action commands to other friendly forces based on the actual situation. Even the superior commander of the U.S. Army can use the networked command system to display the action direction arrow and specific implementation steps on the fighter’s HoloLens glasses in real time.


This is very similar to the micro-manipulation in real-time strategy games. Moreover, HoloLens glasses can also display video images obtained from other platforms. Such as drones, reconnaissance aircraft and satellites, giving warfighters a capability similar to the "eye of the sky". This will be revolutionary progress for ground operations.

02 Multiple function integration

The US Army requires HoloLens glasses to have night vision abilities, including infrared thermal imaging and low-light image enhancement. In this way, combat personnel do not need to carry and equipped with individual night vision goggles which can reduce the load of individual soldiers to the greatest extent. Moreover, HoloLens glasses also be able to monitor, record and transmit the vital signs of combat personnel, including breathing rate, heartbeat, body temperature and so on. On the one hand, it enable the combatants to understand his own physical condition and on the other hand, it can also allow the rear commander to judge whether the combatants are suitable for continuing the combat mission and make real-time adjustments to the combat plan based on these physical signs.


03 Powerful processing function

The powerful processing capabilities of HoloLens glasses, coupled with Microsoft's support on the operating system, can also enable combatants to achieve voice command control capabilities similar to Iron Man. Moreover, with the aid of highly networked cloud technology and artificial intelligence systems, warfighters can also get more scientific and reasonable tactical advice through HoloLens glasses to minimize the chance of making mistakes on the battlefield.


In fact, the use of HoloLens glasses in combat is not as simple as wearing glasses and helmets. According to the requirements of the US Army, Microsoft will perfectly integrate HoloLens glasses with active combat helmets with night vision, physical signs monitoring, intelligent systems and other functions. The US Army even requires the headset in the HoloLens glasses to not only be used as a sound playback device but also have the function of protecting the hearing of combat personnel.


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