How To Import Led Police Lightbar?

how to import led police lightbar?

How to import LED police lightbar? Several days ago, I written a article about how to import police equipment, police lightbar, police warning light etc. today I am gonna tell you the details of the lightbar and how to import the led police lightbar.


How to import LED police lightbar? When you don’t much more knowledge of the police car lightbar.


Maybe the directly way of solving this problems is searching the answers from google, yes, it is true, there already have many articles about how to import led police lightbar and how to solve the problems in this area, and today I am not only introduce you the problem itself but also I will let you know the more details of the led police lightbar itself, I will show you the information that I reminded above. Then you will have you own opinions of how to import led police lightbar.


When you want to know how to import LED police lightbar you should firstly know the lightbar itself, about how does it shipped, by sea, by air or whatever. So that you can save your cost and import the best led police lightbar, and about how does it produce d, I just studied several months from our workshop and generally know about the Production process of the led police lightbar. You should know that the lightbar may be very long or sometimes shorter. And according to the International express company, even if your lightbar is very light not very heavy, but it is very long. So, even you just buy one of them, the shipping cost is very high, because the shipping cost is according to the products’ volume and Other factors. And you should also know the products price, generally speaking, the best led police lightbar manufacturers & suppliers always give customers the big discount according to their order quantity. Usually we SENKEN will give our clients 50% discount if they can purchase more than 500 or 1000 quantities. Yes, it is all about the products price and the shipping cost.


When you want to know how to import led police lightbar you have to find a best led police lightbar supplier or manufacturer. So you should know how to find a best led police lightbar supplier & manufacturer. First of all, google their factory and find that they actually a trade company or really a factory, if they just a trade company, what they usually do is that import the products form the factories and then sale the products to you. In this line, you will see what is your location and what is their location. So. The most important thing is that you should assure they are factory and avoid Middlemen earn the difference profit. And if you cannot sure this key point——whether they are a factory or not, here I also recommend SENKEN——Senken is Founded in 1990, the largest Chinese manufacturer of special vehicle signal lights and alarm equipments, specializes in researching, developing, producing and selling police appliances, safety engineering appliances, special lighting equipments, urban air defense warning equipments, and various protective safety equipments. SENKEN has a total registered capital of RMB 111 million with more than 1000 employees. Also you can see SENKEN website:  any questions you can contact our sales man and we will try our best to give you the best service. and here I am gonna tell you several aspects’ problems that maybe you are interested in. Because you can communicate with our boss about the price and also you can talk about some technology problems with our technical team, so that we can better understand your own design when you want to do some OEM or ODM products. At the same time Visit our factory and our workshop. It's a very real experience, then you can drink a tea and talk about the way of how to import led police lightbar from SENKEN, and choose a best one. And here are my first article for your reference I mean just reference for you:


When you want know how to import led police lightbar the second factor you have to consider is that The led Police Lightbar is installed on a police car and will provide more lighting while driving, or it may be added as a simple adornment for the driver to show Who are they. Sometimes, people  who is searching for a better way to decorate their car will choose the led police lightbar, and no matter what kinds of reasons you should assure that the shape and the color of the led police lighter it suit for your country and suit for the customers in your market, and assure that your lightbar is popular in every aspects., not only the shape and the color or any others items, especially the technology of the lightbar must be in advance. Like update the led bulb, latest is the GEN III LED, and usually the light have already It overcomes the problem that the LED bulb cannot heat because of its high power. And also make sure the lightbar will make the car look better. That is to say you should Investigate the trend of police lights in your country in advance. Then, may we don’t have the same one, but don’t worry about it, what you need to do is just Give us your design drawings. We provide the one-stop solution for you in this field.


When you know how to import led police lightbar. What you should do next, you should answers some questions of your customers like What Do I Do If Water and Moisture Get Inside the Light Bar? Just like other light bars, it is true. LED options can also experience some issues like the moisture and water will get inside the lightbar after using a long time. When this problem occurs, you need to check the housing and lens on the lightbar to see if it is broken or poorly assembled. To prevent these issues, usually purchase for the best quality with a little high price, and not for the bad quality with a low price. However, if you are just trying to dry the light out, turn the light on several times per day. And now, maybe it is only a problem that can be easily solved. Because now we have some certificate about the waterproof and the dustproof, so we hardy have the problems above and maybe We only need to check our lights once or twice a year. We SENKEN already can do the waterproof level IP67——IP68 and dustproof level IP67——IP68, and it can satisfy so many of our customers all over the world. And another question: Do You Keep the Battery In When Installing LED Light Bars? When installing LED police lightbars, you should never leave the car on. Always turn the car off and take the key from the ignition; this is especially true for vehicles where the system will cycle to check for light out errors. The third question: Why is there a click on the light pole when I'm driving?

When driving, if you hear a loud click, it may be that the lightbar is installed loosely. When the panel is disconnected from the housing, it will cause a lot of noise and even cause the LED light bar to fall. Although the wind creates windshield units to produce some sound (called windage), many manufacturers are looking at new polished rod options to reduce wind drag and thus noise. Why is the LED light bar not on? Even if the installation is correct, there are many reasons why the new LED light bar cannot work. If you encounter this problem, try the following helpful tips before contacting a customer service agent or technician for assistance. Why is my light dark? One of the most direct problems is the faint light from the truck's LED lights. In most cases, it's a signal lamp that doesn't get enough power, often with improper or wrong connections. To solve this problem, try to check all fasteners and wiring. Check for looseness or wear. If any problems are found, close the harness and make sure to look at the toggle switch to check for loose connections. Why is my light bar flashing? In most cases, flashing is due to cold diagnostics (when your vehicle is sending a high voltage wave to your lights to check that they are working). In order to prevent these high-energy bursts and shorten the life of the LED light bars, the cold diagnostic system of the vehicle should always be disabled.


Read above you already know how to import led police lightbar and the related knowledge, and if you still have any questions please feel free to ask our customer service department by calling: Tel: 0086-577- 88098289 or Email us at or into our website:

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