In one minute, respond to the call, safeguard with 100 points! In critical moments, speed is essential FBF-B-SK10

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Set aside the stereotypical image of riot gear. Wear rapid-response riot gear, break the tradition. Respond in one minute—be swift

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Every moment counts, don in 1 minute.

Break the traditional structure of riot gear with a jacket suit design, enabling rapid dressing and undressing in just 1 minute.

Enhance response efficiency.

Flexible and agile in activity structure.

Riot gear includes protective components for elbows and knees, designed with a flexible structure.

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Even when worn, it remains flexible, lightweight, and convenient

Multifaceted protection, unafraid of challenges:

1️⃣ Stab-resistant performance

2️⃣ Anti-strike performance

3️⃣ Impact resistance

4️⃣ Flame resistance

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Comprehensive protection in place, guarding the guardians of the people

Freedom in load, integrated equipment.

Utilizing a comprehensive MOLLE system combined with Velcro, enabling rapid attachment of accessory kits.

Horizontal straps on the waist and legs allow for attachment of additional gear. It also supports equipment pouches.

Load your equipment according to personal preferences, aligning with practical needs.

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