“Lighter, thinner, and softer!” The basic anti-stabbing equipment for traffic police has been upgraded again.

Senken Group has launched a new reflective anti-stabbing vest for police officers to provide comprehensive safety protection.
The anti-stabbing vest features a comfortable and breathable mesh-upgraded four-side-elastic fabric, allowing the wearer to experience a cool and comfortable wearing experience. The six-letter hook and magic-strip dual-direction adjustment design allows the wearer to adjust it to their body more closely.
The anti-stabbing vest is made of reinforced metal composite material and weighs only 1.5kg, which is lightweight and durable. In addition, the vest features anti-stabbing and anti-piercing capabilities, as well as anti-ballistic padding, to further enhance the safety of the vest.image3
The reflective anti-stabbing vest has a large reflective surface, which provides a visible warning for the wearer in the night. In addition, the back of the vest displays the front display pattern, and has won multiple certifications. These certifications further prove the quality and safety of the vest.
Senken Group’s reflective anti-stabbing vest not only provides police officers with comprehensive safety protection, but also meets different needs in different settings. Whether it is on city streets, highways, or rural roads, it can provide comprehensive safety protection for the wearer.

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