Motorcycle supporting police modification plan


However, despite the mobility of the Iron Rider, there are many inconveniences. Due to the safety of driving, both hands are required to control the balance and direction of the vehicle at all times, which makes it inconvenient to perform more operations, such as handheld walkie-talkies and shouters, and there is a risk of driving off the handle.

At the same time, there are multiple communication devices on existing iron riders, which often cannot be used at the same time and there are barriers to communication. And once there are more devices and more controllers, the operation is even more troublesome ….


In order to solve the above problems of difficult operation and communication, SENKEN Group has launched a complete set of matching police equipment modification solutions for motorbikes, which can effectively solve the problem of fast switching of duty mode during riding, safeguard the safety of law enforcement and help enhance the efficiency of law enforcement.

01 Communication

A multifunctional communication system based on Bluetooth communication technology, consisting of a cycling helmet, a shoulder microphone and a Bluetooth adapter – a walkie-talkie.

During the ride, there is no need to take off the handlebar, the controller in the grip position enables wireless intercom, wireless shouting and other functions. This ensures safe driving during the ride.


When parked, functions such as wireless intercom and wireless shouting can be easily implemented via the helmet headset button.


Of course, the function of answering calls is also possible.


When the helmet is removed, wireless intercom and wireless shouting is also possible via the Bluetooth shoulder microphone.


Regardless of the working state, there is an excellent solution, and each device can be switched between seamlessly, conveniently and without conflict, guaranteeing real-time communication and helping every moment of law enforcement.

02 Warning

As an Iron Rider, a bright and efficient warning effect must be in place to achieve the effect of pedestrians avoiding and cars giving way to the open road.

They can be fitted to the rear and sides of the vehicle for a stronger warning effect and increased deterrent effect, depending on the model and specific needs.



For more combinations of warning lights, please contact us.

03 Controls

As mentioned before, the installation of different police equipment in the existing market has resulted in a large number of controls at the handle, which is not enough space and cumbersome to use, but this is not a problem with the SENKEN controls.


The MTH-D01 controller is suitable for 95% of motorbike models and can control police lights, sirens and other police equipment, as well as wireless intercom and wireless shouting functions, making it more integrated and easier to use.

In addition, the buttons are backlit so that they can be operated easily in low light conditions, making driving safer.

04 Forensics

In addition to communication, warning and control issues, the issue of real-time enforcement and forensics for Iron Riders is also of great concern. For this reason, Star has launched the Iron Rider forensics solution, taking into account the needs of the real world and the safety of the riders.


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