Near-infrared Face Recognition Device

    The near-infrared face recognition device can be integrated into various terminal devices to effectively prevent the captured person from performing false face attacks through masks, videos, pictures, etc., to ensure the legality of the collected portraits. It can independently deploy security, banking, telecommunications, etc., and cooperate with live anti-counterfeiting algorithms to support front-end business certification efficiently and quickly.Widely used in security, finance, social security, telecommunications and many other fields.



  • Using binocular camera to capture both visible and near-infrared images for higher recognition accuracy

  • Support low light sensitivity and strong light adaptability, adapt to various lighting conditions, adapt to bright environment and dark environment.

  • High resolution images provide a powerful guarantee for subsequent recognition processing. Automatic control and programmable adjustment of multiple parameters such as exposure time, white balance, gain, etc., to ensure image quality in different environments.

  • Rich product structure, small design, can be deployed in various desktop, or directly embedded in a variety of machine equipment.

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