New Arrivals! The Recoiler Is Upgraded Again: Reject Bulky And Start From Light!

Firearms often have problems such as duds, jams, accidental injuries, etc. in daily training, duty escort, and handling of emergencies, and firearms need to be inspected when they are returned and used. The space in the police armory is often small, and the inspection operation is difficult and difficult. Dangerous.

In order to improve the safety of the gun inspection operation and reduce the accident rate, SENKEN's exclusive patented product – the bomb collector came into being, which is the following one:


Aiming at the defects of the original recoiler, gun inspection barrel, etc., which are cumbersome and large in size, after improving the design on the original basis, the SDQ-SK03 recoiler is specially launched. It adopts ergonomic bone latitude design and lightweight design. Only 20kg, it is more convenient to carry, and can effectively ensure the collection of bullets and the retention of bullet marks during the gun inspection process.

Product parameters


Color: Navy blue

Cylinder wall: bulletproof steel plate

Cylinder core: energy-absorbing buffer inner core + anti-bounce device structure

Mandatory retirement time8 years

Weight: 20kg

Applicable gun type:revolver, 54-style pistol, 92-style pistol, 79-style submachine gun

Service life: Can collect > 50 bullets during the valid trial period

Four-layer bulletproof cylinder, safer to use

The cylinder is composed of a variety of composite materials and bulletproof steel plates

Internal structure with anti-ricochet device

Improve the safety of the gun inspection operation and reduce the accident rate


Special frame gun module, the gun inspection is more stable


Lightweight Design


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