New High-Brightness LED Integrated Lighting System Launched, Setting a New Benchmark for Outdoor Lighting

Senken Group officially launched its latest outdoor LED integrated lighting system, which has established a new benchmark in the outdoor lighting industry with its unique design and high-performance performance.

This brand-new LED integrated lighting system consists of 9 GEN llI 3W high-brightness LED bulbs integrated onto a sturdy PC board. It features a high-quality polycarbonate lens cover that ensures the stability and durability of the light source. Additionally, the system utilizes steel pipe or aluminum alloy support poles for convenient installation and enhanced structural stability.

Remarkably, the height of this LED integrated lighting system can be extended up to 1040 mm, making it suitable for various outdoor lighting scenarios, including road lighting, plaza lighting, and garden lighting. Furthermore, it offers a range of optional colors, including red, blue, amber, and white, to meet different lighting needs.

Notably, this LED integrated lighting system also boasts a flashing pattern memory function. Users can set different flashing patterns according to their preferences, adding more variety and fun to the lighting scene. Additionally, it is equipped with parabolic reflectors that maximize the brightness of the LEDs, resulting in exceptional lighting effects.

The research and development team at XX Company stated that the motivation behind this LED integrated lighting system was to address some pain points in the outdoor lighting industry. For instance, traditional outdoor lighting equipment often suffers from insufficient brightness and easy damage, while this new LED integrated lighting system addresses these issues by utilizing high-brightness LED bulbs and superior materials.

Currently, this LED integrated lighting system has undergone rigorous quality testing and safety certification, and has been successfully applied in multiple outdoor lighting projects. XX Company believes that this new LED integrated lighting system will become an important development direction in the outdoor lighting industry in the future.

As a company specializing in the research, development, and manufacturing of lighting products, XX Company has always been committed to providing users with more high-quality, efficient, and environmentally friendly lighting solutions. In the future, XX Company will continue to increase its research and development investment, continuously introducing more innovative and practical lighting products, and contributing more to the development of the lighting industry.

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