On site protective barrier! Folding and accompanying, flexible combination!

In this era of “per capita self media” and “per capita journalists”, while the internet and smartphones bring many conveniences, they also drive the efficiency of news dissemination. A small incident that happened around us can spread to various parts of the country in just a few hours after being filmed and uploaded by the onlookers on site.

Among them, if there are illegal elements maliciously editing with subjective colors and promoting hype, it not only distorts the facts, but also affects law enforcement efficiency and credibility.

At this time, setting up police barricades around the scene of an emergency can quickly and effectively form a closed area, protect the scene, block the line of sight, and avoid malicious hype events

01 Safety obstruction

The fabric is made of waterproof and non transparent material, which can effectively block the line of sight and is not affected by rain or other environmental factors

02 Folding Accompanying

The police fence adopts a foldable design, which is as simple and convenient to unfold and store as a daily umbrella. It can be unfolded to an area of 2 meters x 2 meters, effectively blocking a certain range of vision.