Real evaluation of 5G bodycam! Really silky, not just a bodycam!

The law enforcement environment is complex and changeable, and the existing police officers are equipped with a variety of equipment. A bodycam that integrates multiple functions, can help efficient law enforcement, and reduce the burden on the policeman’s carry-on load is needed.
That’s why you need to look at SENKEN’s DSJ-V9 5G body camera, bodycam is not just about recording.
Let’s take a real test today. What are the advantages of this bodycam?

Portable and compact, take it with you
The host is only 175g. With the shoulder clip, a variety of different clipping methods can be realized to meet the various wearing needs of police officers.
△Shoulder clip can be adjusted vertically 180°

2.8-inch large screen, easy to operate
It adopts a 2.8-inch high-definition touch screen, which is simple and convenient to operate. It brings you the same experience as a smartphone. You can switch programs smoothly, and quickly view videos and image records.
Equipped with a high-performance 8-core processor, 2.2Hz main frequency and Android 11.0 deep customization system, it can run more programs at the same time and experience the thrill of free switching.
5G transmission real-time command
Based on 5G communication, it has fast speed and less delay. With GPS + Beidou dual-mode positioning, data transmission and location transmission can be performed efficiently and accurately.
At the same time, it supports two-way audio/video intercom, single call, group call, temporary group intercom, and realizes real-time interaction of multi-party information on the scene, teammates and the center.
△Click “Cluster Intercom”, press and hold “Microphone” to communicate directly within the group
△Click “Contacts”, select an online teammate, and click the “Microphone” button at the bottom left to start audio communication with teammates
△In the same way, click the “Video” button at the bottom right to start video communication with teammates
4K high-definition record real
In addition to the main camera with 2000W pixels on the front of the fuselage, there is also a sub-camera with 800W pixels, which can realize 4K high-definition video recording and 100 million photo pixels. A third camera is equipped above the display to ensure the working needs of cluster intercom such as video conferencing.

△Comes with a 126° wide-angle lens, supports infrared video recording, and can keep real on-site records no matter in bright light environment or dark light environment.
△Infrared night vision can be set to switch automatically, and facial features of people can be seen clearly at a distance of 3m
H.265 encoding double optimization
Compared with H.264 encoding, it saves nearly 50% of storage capacity, smooth transmission and higher efficiency.
Multi-functional integration, intelligent and efficient
Not only the video and audio forensics function, but also supports functions such as photo transmission, code scanning associated video, work order associated video, TTS, SMS, file sending and receiving, etc.
Automatic Identification Intelligent Law Enforcement
Expandable AI intelligent recognition module, which can automatically recognize face and license plate information
△License Plate Recognition
△face recognition
Fingerprint module unlocks in one second
Expandable fingerprint identification module to realize fingerprint unlocking
Fast charging battery, long-lasting battery life
It adopts a single 3400mAh lithium battery, which can last for more than 10 hours. The built-in small battery supports the function of changing the battery in 5 minutes without interruption. The double battery can last for up to 20 hours.
△Support fast charging mode, single battery charging time ≤ 2hours
One-button start, convenient blind operation
On both sides of the fuselage, there are main function buttons, which can start video and audio recording, photo shooting and other functions with one button, simplifying the process, convenient operation, and correct blind operation.
Not afraid of heights, not afraid of rain
Satisfies IP68, the bare machine still works normally after falling freely at a height of 2m for many times. Work quality can also be guaranteed under water washing
△water-proof test
△Drop test

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