Senken Anti-Break System– Infrared Traffic Cone


When a wireless network is set up at the scene of the accident, once someone and the car break into the scene of the accident site and infrared connection between the roadblocks is cut, the road cone will issue a 120 decibel alert and alarm warning!
The design of the road cone "not fall" allows the anti -break -in system to maintain a long -lasting and long -term working state during use!



Voltage Stand-by current Warning light power Dimension Battery capacity (maximum) Material
12V 100mA 1.3W 190mm*70mm*600mm 6000mA PE/PC

Warning method:
1. Infrared cutting alarm
2. Alarm when knock down

Functional description

1. 433M infrared communication module
2. Road cone can be used alone or multiple combinations
3. Infrared function
4. Red and blue LED warning lights
5. 120 decibel alarm alarm reminder
6. Single LED warning light visual distance> 300 meters
7. The tilt angle is 45 degrees, the alarm detection time is 0.2 seconds
8. Infrared detection time is 0.1 seconds
9. The infrared rays are 2-5 m under strong light, and weak light can reach 5-10 m
10. The automatic release time of the alarm is 10 seconds
11. The wireless alarm of the road cone is effective at 500 meters (inside the network)

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