Senken Hot Selling Electronic Siren



·Heavy duty, delicate, high technology;

·Features with MIC, 7 basic siren tones, 10 horns and function of two different tones mixing from two speaker channels;

·Power from 80W to 400W big outputs;

·Micro-control circuit to provide stable performance;

·Built-in protection against over voltage, short circuit or reverse poliarity;

·Dimmable LED backlighting for controller;

·With three light control buttons for lighting control purpose;

·Horn output independently connected to vehicle steer, conveniently for driver to operate horn tone when needed.

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·The design of controller separated from the mainframe significantly saves the installation space.

·7 warning tones Wail1, Wail2, Hi-Lo, Yelp, Siren horn, tool, with auto memory function, function of record and radio rebroadcast.

·Both KZQ01 and KZQ02 controllers are selectable to match with the mainframe. ·Many power from 100Watts 150Watts, 200watts, 300Watts, to 400Watts are available to meet differant market demand.

·The siren with power of 150watts, 200watts, 300watts, and 400Watts has the ability to broadcast two tones at the same time when connecting with two speakers in two channels.

·With light control function to match any version of lightbar supplied from Senken.

·Three outputs of Wail 2, Lamp1 and Lamp2 could be programmed to one output. one button controls 3 functions then be realized to enable operation more conveniently

·Hom output could be independently connected to vehicle steer,conveniently for driver to operate the hom tone when needed.

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Technical Parameters

Model CJB100F1
L(mm) 202
W(mm) 50
H(mm) 48.2
Rated Voltage DC12V/24V
Rated Power 100W
Rated Impedance 8Ω/11Ω
Main Functions Yelp,Hi-Lo,Wail-1,Wail-2,Manual,Tool,Horn,Siren,Yelp   Relay,Super Siren,Lamp1,Lamp2
Sound Compression Level 113-123dB

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