Senken New Heating Vest

With the arrival of winter, the heating issue for some countries and area has become a big problem due to global energy crisis.

We always need to wear more clothes to keep warm, but the body will looks quite bloated.

Currently, we develop a new heating vest to help solve the problem in a degree.

You can find main features as below:

Material: 2pcs of Graphene composite heating cloth

Size for belly: 100X200 mm ², Size for back side: 150X200 mm ²

Rated voltage:DC5V

Rated power: small one – 3W, large one -5W, total 8W

Standby time:Take a 5V 10000 mAh power bank as an example, it can run for 6 hours at 100% power, 9 hours at 70% power, and 15 hours at 40% power

Powered by mobile power bank, portable and easy to store, more capacity output, high heat conversion rate, and quick heating:

The close-fitting fabric is made of PONGEE bronzing lining fabric, which can reflect the heat of body back to user’s own body, reduce the proportion of heat loss, improve warmth retention, come with good thermal conductivity, and has the function of thermal diffusion, increase the heating area, and increase the temperature of ordinary linings 2-3℃. Meanwhile ,it is anti-static .

The heating chip needs to be taken out when washing, which can prolong the service life and can be machine washed;

Product introduction:

Adopt ergonomic design and laser cutting technology, which can realize fast wearing and taking off and high integration;

●The vest is made of anti-fouling, splash-proof, wear-resistant and breathable fabric

●The size of protective base armor adopts deformation control technology

The shoulder straps and girdle of the vest is our special designed and come with Magnetic TM automatic magnetic tactical vest buckles. (Four-way quick release system), so that the vest no longer needs to be opened & closed with Velcro and can then achieve the effect of fast on and off, which can  greatly improve the convenience of wearing.



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