SENKEN Quick-release Bulletproof Vest

In some emergency events, wounded will need to retreat and be rescued in shortest time. The bulky bulletproof vest will become an obstacle.

Our new launched bulletproof vest adopts latest four-line quick-released fastener system, which enable user to put on and take off the vest quickly by pull a strap behind it .

It is designed with 500D CORDURA, sandwich mesh and American UTX buckle. Bulletproof plate is made of Kevlar, which makes anti-ballistic material stable, safe and reliable. The bulletproof level reached GA-2/GA-3, and it is necessary to add extra bulletproof plate if you require protection level higher than GA-3.

The overall weigh for exterior vest is 1.43KG, and the GA-2 level weighs 3.4KG, GA-3 level weighs 4.1KG. The textile has the advantage of good heat-sealing process , high water proof level and good UV protection.

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