SENKEN’s exploration of a new model of military-civilian integration

SENKEN’s exploration of a new model of military-civilian integration was shortlisted for the 2022 Wenzhou New Era “Two Health” Pioneering District to create a typical case

In order to implement the requirements of the central government and the province on the promotion of Wenzhou’s “Two Health” creation experience, the Wenzhou “Two Health” Creation Office has launched a collection of typical cases of the creation of two health pilot areas in the new era throughout the city. Our company’s “new model of military-civilian integration development” was recommended and reviewed, and was shortlisted for the typical case of creating “two health” pilot areas in the new era of Wenzhou in 2022. It is the only case from an enterprise among the five shortlisted cases in Lucheng District. The typical cases shortlisted have the characteristics and highlights of being the first to try first, and being brave to take the lead in breakthroughs. They have a substantial effect in promoting economic development, are widely recognized by the society, and have benchmarking and reference promotion values.


In 2019, under the background of military-civilian integration, our company actively operates the national military standard system, declares to obtain the second-level confidentiality and Class A weapon manufacturing qualifications, obtains the qualifications to participate in the competition in the military market, and expands the product business to new fields. The development of the enterprise has brought new opportunities, explored a successful path of military and police integration and coordinated development, and achieved good results in transformation and development.


It is undoubtedly an affirmation and encouragement of the enterprise’s development model and development prospects to be shortlisted for the typical cases of creating two health pioneer areas in the new era. Interstellar will keep up with the situation, seize opportunities, standard-based, innovation-first, focus on the main business, and continue to optimize, upgrade, innovate and transform, improve its own competitiveness and the ability to serve the industry and the society. In the new era, with the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China leads the high-quality development of enterprises.

It is reported that the shortlisted typical cases will be applied in three aspects: first, as a typical case recommended by the first batch of pilot promotion cities for the “two health” creation work experience; second, as the basic results of the theoretical research on “two health”, The third is the adoption of cases as an important reference for the annual assessment.

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