Strong and strong, police enterprises co -construction –SENKEN GROUP and NINGBO FENGHUA POLICE Special Police Brigade signed a police company strategic cooperation agreement

On June 2nd, the chairman of the group, Mr. Chen, along with the technical team, visited the Fenghua Branch of Ningbo Public Security Bureau to conduct a strategic exchange meeting with the leaders of relevant departments in order to further deepen the strategic cooperation of police enterprises and strengthen the construction of scientific and technological police. During the meeting, they jointly signed the “Strategic Cooperation Agreement of Police Enterprises” and held the unveiling ceremony of the “Special Police Equipment Joint R&D Center,” marking the beginning of a new chapter for the enterprise.

This exchange meeting mainly focuses on the interconnection between “actual combat demand-product research and development.” With actual combat needs as the foundation, the powerful police force is combined with interstellar research and development power to discuss new ideas and technologies for product research and development. The aim is to enhance the practicality of products, ensuring they truly serve in real combat situations, help improve actual combat capabilities, and promote the construction of police teams.
As an important strategic partner of Star Holdings, the Patrol Police Brigade of the Ningbo Public Security Bureau adheres to the purpose of jointly exploring police-enterprise cooperation and strengthening the construction of the police force. We continuously enhance exchanges and interoperability, share resources, and work together to ensure the healthy development of our products.
As a leading domestic industry enterprise, Senken Group has been deeply rooted in the industry for 33 years. It has evolved from a traditional manufacturer of sound-optical police products to a smart military and police equipment provider with comprehensive one-stop service capabilities. Understanding the actual needs of grassroots police and conducting research, Senken Group optimizes product research and development planning, enriches the product system, and becomes a driving force for enterprise development.

The strategic cooperation aims to leverage the strengths of “Four Police Forces+Smart Military and Police Enterprises” to enhance the ability, speed, and effectiveness of public security organs in combating illegal activities. Together, we promote product development, assist in the construction of police forces for actual combat scenarios, achieve comprehensive strategic alignment, and foster collaborative development. This collaboration sets forth a new model of police-company cooperation.

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