Super sound and light, dispel invincibility


The acoustic wave disperser was originally designed by the US Navy to disperse ships trying to approach US ships. Later, it was gradually upgraded by other countries. The Senken Group vehicle borne acoustic wave disperser is one of the upgraded products!


This equipment is an advanced, non-lethal, long-distance, sound signal and warning transmission device in China.

We will show it to you!


Diversified “sound” dispersion

The “sound” dispersion system is composed of an audio host and a tweeter transducer matrix unit. The dispersion methods are diverse, the voice is clear, and the transmission effect is good!


Dispel the siren

One click dispel

Send high frequency alarm sound


MP3 broadcast

By connecting USB port

Import Disperse Content

Realize “Dispersion” broadcasting


Hand held shouting

Plug in the noise reduction pager of Senken Group configuration

Voice transmission on site

Realize sound amplification and transmission

Rotary tuning

According to different environmental sites

It can conduct different degrees of dispersion adjustment

Dazzling “light” dispelling

The “light” dispersion system is composed of nine 10W high-power LED strong lights, which can form a high focused strong light, and can also be switched to a dazzling mode. The strong light flickers, making it impossible for the human eye to see directly. It can also be used to control the night camera to fill the light.


Lighting mode   Dazzle mode

Real time monitoring remote monitoring

The equipment is equipped with waterproof color CCD camera, which can monitor the observation target area in real time through the LCD monitor of the vehicle integrated console.


It can also expand and realize the wireless image transmission function, so that the command center can grasp the situation of the target area in real time.

Strong orientation to low risk

The equipment has high directivity and strong directivity, and can be remotely controlled to disperse the direction, realizing 380 ° rotation in the same direction, so as to avoid irrelevant personnel being exposed to strong audio and reduce the risk of dispersion.


Easy lifting control

The equipment’s PTZ lifting system is more flexible. Lifting, lowering, resetting and pausing are all done with one click!


Large range and long distance dispersion

Output depends on roaring?

On board acoustic wave disperser

Perfect combination of sound and light

Integrated design

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