Tribute to women’s power, paid tribute to “her”!

Yangchun March Spring is warm, and the wishes are heroic. In order to show the women’s style in the new era and pay tribute to women’s power, at the same time, strengthen the care and care of female employees, on the morning of March 8th, SENKEN GROUP conducted a theme symposium to further understand the voice and ideas of female employees. Work and dreams show the determination of women’s pride and hard work.

The most beautiful March day in the world, the spring flowers show new faces. The female representatives gathered together to talk about the bitterness and bitterness of work and life. I have shared the experience and experience of one year for everyone, fully showing women’s minds and strengths in the new era. Every small thing, every clip, every detail, they can pay attention to it, from the small perspective, show the great feelings from a personal perspective, provide everyone, the company, for life, and more suggestions and experience.