Long range acoustic device is designed for special armored vehicle use and comes equipped with a DC10V-30V power supply option. The long range acoustic device comprises control components, digital signal processing and amplification unit, two sets of high power speakers, a highly sensitive microphone, an integrated control system.

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Maximum power 200W
Maximum peak sound pressure level (1m) 142+2dB (1m)
Maximum sound pressure level ≥122+2dB (10m)
Directivity Main lobe width≤±9°(-3dB,2KHz)
Reverse Sound pressure level 1181+2dB (1m)
Maximum reverse sound pressure level 190+2dB (10m)
Speech intelligibility 95% (100m, wind speed ≤2m/s)
Volume adjustment levels Continuous adjustment
Power supply options DC24V vehicle power, DC12V vehicle power
Operating temperature -40℃ to 50℃
Weight of the main unit ≤19Kg
Dimensions of the main unit 640*370*310
Installation method Vehicle - mounted
Function Product functions: security signal, recording, dispersion signal, high definition call out, ambulance signal, fire signal, playback of recording and music, MP3 playback/FM reception, Bluetooth functions, multiple sound effects, and DSP anti howling function



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