Can we use cut-resistant gloves to handle a knife with bare hands?

When frisking some people or searching the scene, it cannot be guaranteed that there are no blades or other dangerous objects on the person or on the scene. At this time, anti-cut gloves can avoid certain injuries.


When dealing with conflicts
When dealing with emergencies, accidental injuries caused by equipment can be avoided.
When the window is broken
Cut-resistant gloves can protect your hands from injuries caused by broken glass when breaking a window.



In other cases
Cut-resistant gloves can prevent injuries when you occasionally need to climb or carry, and in other hands-on situations.

In addition, cut-proof but not puncture-proof, cut-proof gloves are not a panacea! Moreover, anti-cut gloves also come in different grades and materials! Not just any cut-resistant gloves can be used with confidence.

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