What is the anti-riot suit

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Police riot gear, also known as anti-riot suit, riot armor, or armor suit, is a type of clothing designed to effectively resist attacks from sharp objects, batons, and various non-explosive projectiles. It possesses certain flame-resistant properties as well.

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Anti-riot suit is the combat attire that riot police must wear during riot control operations. The term "riot" refers to a specialized police force dedicated to suppressing riots. All equipment used by riot police is made from special materials. Examples of commonly used gear during riot control include riot shields, riot gloves, riot helmets, riot arm protection units, and heavy-duty riot control suits.

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This riot control suit is divided into an upper garment and lower pants. The clothing material provides excellent flame resistance, and the interior of the clothing contains plastic and foam padding that can absorb impacts. This design ensures good windproofing and a seamless structure, although there are some limitations in movement. Commonly used protective tools include batons for arrests, often paired with round shields or small rectangular shields. Long batons are typically used for striking but without a shield. Riot guns shoot non-lethal rubber bullets, causing pain. Additionally, there are tear gas grenades, tear gas canisters, and other weapons commonly used during riot control processes.

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Police anti-riot suit consists of components such as chest protection, back protection, shoulder protection, upper arm protection, forearm protection (elbow), thigh protection, shin protection (front, back, knee, instep), and neck protection. The various components are connected through nylon buckles and fasteners, forming two major parts: the upper body part and the lower limb part. Adjustment can be made between the small components to accommodate wearers of different heights.

The design of this anti-riot suit takes into consideration the dimensions of various parts of the human body, calculated according to the size of the Chinese population. The final design ensures comfort and flexibility when worn. It is easy to put on, provides strong flexibility, and does not significantly restrict the free movement of the arms or various body actions such as kneeling, jumping, squatting, running, bending, and turning.

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The appearance of the anti-riot suit is refined, and the connecting structures are designed reasonably, free from wrinkles, cracks, damage, gaps, loose threads, needle skips, thread ends, and other defects. The anti-riot suit is resistant to high and low temperatures, has strong impact resistance, and the protective components effectively reduce the impact energy, providing effective protection to the human body.

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