Hot product portable police light! Fire out of the circle with appearance and strength

asvasvb (1)

Don’t look at its small size

There are so many functions

Combination of beauty and strength

asvasvb (2)

Highlight warning, visible at 500 meters

Equipped with 27 high-brightness LEDs

360° lamp body + panel fully flashing

Luminous and efficient, more colors can be customized

Not just red and blue, suitable for different people
Synchronous interconnection, various modes

4 sync modes (within 15 meters)

12 stand-alone modes

Panel single flash | Light body single flash | Combined double flash

White Lighting | White Light Strobe

In synchronous mode, one machine can control switching and shutdown

asvasvb (3)

Strong adaptability, multi-purpose scenarios

Can be magnetically attracted to metal surfaces, such as cars, warning signs, etc.

Applicable to roadside temporary parking and road construction warning

It can be placed on the road cone with the placer
diversion and warning

It can be placed on the waist with a waist bag

It can be attached to the backpack with a lanyard

Improve your night alertness

it works where you can see it

Magnetic charging, easy to operate

Magnetic charging design

Charge with one hand

20h battery life

Continuous warning lighting

 asvasvb (4)

Quality escort, waterproof and pressure-resistant

IP65 degree of protection

Strong ability to resist “making”

Can cope with different harsh environments

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