Welcome experts such as Professor Li Jie from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Foreign Academician of the Japanese Academy of Engineering to visit and conduct research at Starcraft Holdings

From August 20th to 21st, the 2023 World Youth Scientist Summit event sponsored by the Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Association and the People’s Government of Wenzhou Municipal Municipal People’s Government- “Digital Wisdom Power, Link Future” Big Data and Blockchain Technology Development Roundtable Dialogue Wenzhou Qidu World Youth Scientist Academic Center was grandly held. The theme of this conference with the theme of “big data technology, blockchain and network space security technology to serve the development of various industries in Wenzhou”.

At the meeting, more than 30 academicians and special experts on promoting the technological revolution trend of big data, the combination of e -information technology and talent training and the combination of big data, blockchain and the real economy, industrial upgrading, security promotion information and data security development, etc. The topic exchanged the roundtable forum, and the collision and insights of thought brought a new perspective and inspiration to the participants.


Recommended by the Wenzhou Science and Technology Association and Lucheng District Government, our company participated in the entire event. Vice President Liu Haichang signed a special enterprise technical cooperation agreement with the company’s special professor and national talent project candidate, and the candidate of the national talent project. Promote exchanges and cooperation.


On the afternoon of the 21st, Li Yan, a professor of lecturer at Shanghai Jiaotong University and a foreign academician of the Japanese Academy of Engineering, Liu Zhen, chief scientist at Youze Technology, Zhang Jian, director of the Suzhou Automobile Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Tang Qirong, a special professor of Tongji University, and other academicians and experts. Star Holdings Group inspected investigations. Liu Haichang, vice president of the group, Zhang Minghai, general manager of the Comprehensive Management Department, Li Luoluo, general manager of the R & D Center, and the heads of relevant departments.

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The guests and his party listened to understand the industry’s industry background, product characteristics and technological advantages, and expressed appreciation for the butterfly change process of the enterprise for more than 30 years. Explanation is expressed by the vision and mission of the security industry to contribute to the construction of the security industry. 


In the conversation, the experts said that in the interstellar development of smart police, helping the alarm of science and technology, there is more space for cooperation between technology and product applications. For results conversion and product iteration, there are also corresponding professional and intellectual resources. The opportunity of the section will help enterprises innovate and develop.

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