LTE-A15 Wide Angle Warning Light


1. Designed with 180 degree output light, its illumination effect is three times as bright as regular lamps, which greatly reduce installation cost.

2. The body is made of thickening aluminum alloy for efficient heat conduction, which can dramatically reduce LED light decay.

3. Professional different optical lens enhance optimal brightness.

4. High transparency ANTI-UV polycarbonate lens and surface UV hardening improve the hardness and reduce the risk of yellowing and scratch.

5. ECER65 approved.

Technical Parameters

Model                LTE-A15
Voltage            DC10-30V  
Color Option   Red/Blue/Amber/White    
Operating Temperature    -   30℃-60℃  
Light Source     9Pcs 3WLED
Flash Pattern    12   
Mounting     Screw
Dimension        131(L)X29(W)X30(H)mm
Current Draw     ≤1.8A    
Waterproof      IP67 



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