NEW Arrival- FBF-B-SK06 Anti Riot Suit


1. In line with "GA 420-2008 riot suit" and "GA141-2010 police body armor";

2. Performance: From shoulder to foot, the main parts of the body are fully protected, and the effective protection area is not less than 85%.

3. Strength: Made of polycarbonate and high density polyethylene;

4. Bulletproof protection area: > 0.21 M2

5. Anti-stabbing protection area: > 0.21 M2

6. Protective area: forechest and crotch: > 0.14, back: > 0.11, upper limb: > 0.22, lower limb: > 0.38;

7. Flame Retardant Property: The bonding strength of the flame retardant grade V-2 and nylon buckle in accordance with UL94 standard: > 7.0N/cm2;

8. Weight: <7.6 kg;

9. Shield: Built-in steel stab-proof insert board, and equipped with nylon plug-in suspension system, can be unhooked and hung at any time;

10. Specification: The riot-proof clothes are worn by police officers who are 165cm-185cm in height, and the users can adjust conveniently according to different body shapes.

11. The product has ventilation suspension system in the front chest, back, thighs, legs, arms and other parts to solve the problem of direct close-to-body stuffy and non-ventilated interior decoration of conventional products.

12. On the basis of abdomen stab-proof, the product adds adjustable special protective bag bowl. In order to facilitate police to go to the bathroom, a connecting clasp is specially installed on the forechest to make the product more humanized. ;

13. It is equipped with detachable bullet-proof piercing core, which can be loaded at any time when performing special tasks. The built-in evacuation buffer layer and neck protector are removable and easy to clean.

14. Impact energy absorption performance: Place the front chest and back parts of the standard cement separately to impact with 100J kinetic energy, and the indentation depth of the cement is less than 16mm.

15. Anti-stabbing performance: the protective layer of the front chest and back can not penetrate with 42J kinetic energy, while the front can penetrate with 28J kinetic energy.

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