Senken Colorful LED Display Screen YXPC-DC-440X132


Senken new display screen is wide-angle and bright, which is clearly visible under strong light.

The messages in the screen is editable through the mobile APP, either arrow and words can be realized.

The message information can be set to different colors.

App Interfance:


Colorful words &sign :




1. Pixel tube spacing: 6mm


Luminous point color: 1R1G1B


Beads: LED


2. Unit board size: 426mm x 112mm; Tolerance ± 1mm;


Module row and column count: 64 points long x 16 points high


3. Physical resolution of display device: (length) 64 points x (height) 16 points=1024 points


Screen size: 440mmX132mmX67mm; Tolerance ± 2mm


Screen weight (including mounting bracket): < 2.5KG;


Visual distance: ≥ 100m;


Perspective: Horizontal ± 60 ° Vertical ± 60 °;


Environmental temperature: -40 ℃~+55 ℃;


Relative humidity: ≤ 95%;


Protection level: IP66;


Scanning method: 8S


Driver components: constant current


Drive mode: 1/8 scan


Refresh frequency: 1920Hz


Frame rate: ≥ 60Hz


Brightness: ≥ 4500cd/m2


Brightness adjustment: adjustable


4. Power supply working voltage: DC12V ± 10%


Maximum power consumption: < 40W


5. Control method Connection method: Bluetooth


Control method: Asynchronous control


Installation method: Integrated


If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us for further information !


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