SENKEN participated in the Henan Provincial Traffic Police Motorcycle Police Driving Skills Competition



In order to implement the spirit of the national and provincial public security traffic management work conference, continuously improve the rapid response capabilities of the provincial traffic police, and better complete the tasks of unblocking traffic, rescuing the masses, and dealing with emergencies, the Henan Provincial Public Security Department Traffic Police Corps organized and held the Henan Provincial Traffic Police Motorcycle Police Driving Skills Competition at the Tangzhuang General Airport in Xinxiang City from May 25 to 28.


At the event site, the sun was scorching and the ground was scorching, but the elite soldiers were still energetic and heroic, sprinting towards the field with fiery passion.

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At the scene, there were not only exciting competitions, but also various new traffic police equipment on display. As a senior supplier of police equipment, SENKEN was also invited to participate this time, bringing many special products to make a stunning appearance, attracting the attention and praise of the police officers on the scene with their high practicality!


New intelligent police patrol motorcycle

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The new intelligent police patrol motorcycle consists of four parts: riding communication system, integrated duty terminal, aftermarket design and integrated warning. It simplifies the riding control system, adds mobile smart policing, expands the vehicle space, enhances sound and light warning, and realizes convenient communication, information interconnection, mobile law enforcement evidence collection and equipment accompanying the vehicle, etc., to meet the daily duty and patrol needs of the police motorcycle.

Various body worn cameras


The law enforcement process cannot be separated from recording. There are many types of body worn cameras including 5G, 4G, basic and intelligent models, for you to choose from. Among them, the 5G body worn camera is favored by many police officers due to its advantages of intelligent law enforcement, remote command and convenient operation!

Various protective clothing



There are also various reflective vests, tactical reflective stab-proof vests and cycling suits, which are breathable, light and comfortable to wear without sweating. Among them, the tactical reflective stab-proof vest is a combination of reflective vests, stab-proof vests and waist service components, which provide multiple protections while meeting the actual combat equipment load requirements.


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