Senken Group made its debut at the First Police Equipment Exhibition of the Chinese People’s Police University!

In order to fully implement the “technology-driven policing” strategy in the new era, enhance the ability of police equipment to support practical police operations and meet the needs of public security business, strengthen academic exchanges in the field of police equipment technology and application nationwide, deepen the cooperation and development of universities, police and enterprises, promote the integration of production, education, research and application, the First Police Equipment Exhibition of the Chinese People’s Police University was hosted by the Chinese People’s Police University, and organized by the Institute of Police Equipment Technology, the Modern Police Technology and Equipment Research Center, and the Police (Fire) UAV Technology Research Center. The exhibition was held from May 14th to 15th at the Chinese People’s Police University.
It is reported that at this exhibition, Senken Group showcased its latest equipment and solutions with the advantages of being closely aligned with practical needs and highly integrated functions. This attracted the attention of more experts, teachers, and students, and the scene was crowded with people making inquiries and giving praise.

At the event, we provided fitting, testing, and wearing services for experts, teachers, and students to personally experience the comfort and integration of the equipment. With the advantages of a full range of products, we provided more possibilities and combinations for police equipment on-site, meeting different practical needs and enriching police officers’ imagination and thinking about equipment. As future stars of the police world, police academy students gained a closer, deeper, and more practical understanding of practical equipment through this exhibition.



By integrating video surveillance, image recognition, satellite positioning, and sound wave dispersion technologies, we have achieved functions such as investigation, control, patrol, deterrence, warning lighting, and crowd dispersal. We have realized intelligent perception, accurate early warning, and rapid disposal, creating a “smart policing, anti-terrorism and emergency response, and riot warning” three-in-one special police integrated combat system, effectively improving the special police team’s rapid response and mobility, and enhancing the overall combat capability.

To meet the practical needs of “close to the grassroots, close to actual combat, micro-innovation, and fast response”, with the strong support of the Zhejiang Patrol Special Police Department, Senken Group and China Academy of Art School of Design jointly designed products with the direction of “system integration, functional modularization, image regionalization, and lightweight comfort”. Focusing on the minimum combat unit equipment such as tactical riot gear and riot helmets, we optimized the indicators and improved the performance, achieving multi-faceted and cross-range upgrades of the equipment, while also ensuring protection, comfort, and flexibility. This helps to enhance the overall combat response capabilities in practical situations.
This multifunctional duty belt is different from traditional duty belts that use velcro or buckles for adjustment, which can be cumbersome and inconvenient. This duty belt has a special gear design, which allows for quick and easy adjustment of the belt size to a comfortable position with just one hand. Additionally, it comes with comfortable padding, which increases flexibility and reduces pressure from the equipment, minimizing discomfort during long-term wear.

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