Fight with your heart and work together! Happy 33rd anniversary to Senken Group!


Senken Group has come a long way in 33 years, starting from scratch.

Senken Group Co., LTD. started as Wenzhou Senken electronic equipment factory.

Senken Group has grown from a small workshop of tens of square meters to a representative enterprise in the military and police industry.

Senken Group has evolved from being known as "The King of South Asia Police Light" to a smart military and police equipment dealer.

Since its beginning, Senken Group has been more than just innovative and has struggled to become the successful company it is today

33 years of gratitude for traveling together on the same journey.” On May 18th, the 33rd anniversary of the establishment of Senken Group Co., Ltd. and the 20th Employee Fun Games were grandly held at the Group's Wenzhou Headquarters.” During the fun, we looked back at the journey, relived the 33 years of development through storms, united new forces, passed on our determination to forge ahead, and looked forward to a new blue print The whistle sounded as the participants made their debut, shining with ambition and determination
With the opening speech of Liu Haichang, vice president of the Group, the event officially kicked off.
Heat, laughter
At the event site, three types of activities were set up: collective projects, doubles projects, and personal projects. These activities included tug of war, the 6-person obstacle relay, the five-person six-legged race, invincible wind fire wheels, hydrangea throwing, crossing the river by stepping on stones, blindfolding, rope skipping, chess, foot bowling, and putting items in pots. These activities not only test personal skills but also teamwork capabilities Collective project

Group soul —— tug of war



Speed —— 6-person obstacle relay


Concentric —— five-person sive-legged


Work together —— invincible wind fire wheels

Collective projects are best reflected in cohesion. During repeated cooperation, team members should share the same responsibilities and beliefs as they move forward. Here, we experienced the spirit of Senken and witnessed bright fireworks blooming during the game.
Double-person project

Tacit agreement —— throwing hydrangea


Technique —— touch the stones cross the river


Trust —— blindfed

Double project, as the name suggests, involves two individuals or two groups, such as sisters, brothers, or husband and wife. Except for yourself, the only things you can trust are the other party and the tacit understanding and reactions that are accumulated in everyday life.

Single project

Coordination —— rope skipping


Calm —— chess


Direction —— Football Boat Ball


Precision —— put in pots

Individual projects test personal skills. At the event site, the masters gathered. On weekdays, they were focused and dedicated to their work, showcasing the surrounding mountains and creating a tense atmosphere. We could feel the rich and restrained cultivation of the participants."

Awards ceremony, full harvest

Under the wholehearted efforts of the athletes, amidst laughter and a heated atmosphere, the fun sports meeting came to a close. On this day, we witnessed the athletes' hard work and the power of unity and cooperation. We experienced the blood and passion of competition and felt the friendship and spirit of "Friendship First, Competition Second". Many teams and individuals achieved excellent results through their own efforts. Let's give a round of applause to all the athletes who gave their best!"

Fight with sincerity, work together in parallel

As we returned to the path, we persevered day and night, building today's Senken with our sweat and dreams

In the pursuit of hard work, we moved forward, never forgetting our original intentions, and striving to work harder.

With a century-old Senken mission, we turned our dream into reality.

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