Where is the best place to put a light bar on a truck?

Trucks are a popular type of vehicle all over the world, and it counts for 60 per cent of the total vehicles sold last year. The pickup trucks are used to perform numerous activities such as moving heavy parts from one point to another, carrying trailers and many more.
These days, truck drivers are looking for add-ons and accessories to increase the efficiency of their trucks. One of the most common add-ons is a light bar.
A light bar is a great way for better visibility of your truck to other drivers on the way. And if you are driving on terrains of low lighting, then this is the panacea for you.
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Best place to put a light bar
Buying and installing a light bar is not rocket science. In fact, anyone can do that with the use of simple tools and by referring to the installation manual.
But what is actually going to test your patience is when it comes to selecting a mounting location. This is one of the primary things truck drivers need to determine when shopping for a LED bar.
A common dilemma is to decide the best location to fix the light bar on the truck. If you are in such confusion, we have an expert solution below. Take a look.
Mounting location depending on uses
Usually, multiple factors can determine the best mounting location for you. For example, the purpose of modifying your truck with a light bar, driving conditions, truck size and structure, etc. We recommend you to question yourself before placing lights as it can give you better clarity of where you want them to be.
Apart from that, drivers can choose the installation spot by considering the terrain
If you are using light bars primarily for off-road driving, then placing them at the highest possible level can prove beneficial mainly because placing them as high as they can cast minimum shadows below. This further helps to eliminate uneven lighting conditions while you thrust your vehicle through countryside roads.
High mounted lights also facilitate a stronger beam of light so that drivers can see potholes from a good distance.
Driving on a city road means you don’t need strong lighting. Mounting on the front or rear bumper is a wise idea since they’re the easiest location with existing holes for modification. And do you know a low mounted truck light illuminates farther ahead for speed driving?
But first, you need to make sure the light bars you purchase are safe and legal to use on your city roads.

What you need to know
A key way to ensure optimum performance and enhanced efficiency for your light bat is to choose the best mounting position for them.
If your truck light bars are not placed in a better location, there is a possibility that you would not be able to have the upper hand over their benefits. Hence, one should choose the best place of mounting them depending on the type of light bar and size that you have.

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