Senken On-site Recruiting Fair For Veteran


On September 11th, 2018, Senken Group held a special recruitment fair for veterans to provide them with employment opportunities and broaden the employment channels.  

Senken encourage the veterans to choose suitable jobs in accordance with their strengths and help them fully understanding the company and themselves by visiting exhibition hall and workshop, introducing the enterprise and face to face talk.


As a diversified high-tech enterprise dedicated to social public safety and providing systematic solutions for the military and police department, Senken established the Militia and Armed Forces Department in 1998, which is suitable for the development of retired military personnel.


At the same time, Senken encourage outstanding young people to join the army, and draw a lot of media attention. On September 7th,2018, a celebration ceremony was held to support the employee of the company, Ouyang Changyue, who is eligible for enrollment.

“It is of great honor for our company to encourage employees to join the army. Although the development of the company also needs to get absorption of young talents, we understand the meaning of recruitment and the needs of the country." said Mingyong, Jin ,president of Senken Group.

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