Senken Vehicle Mounted Panoramic Forensics System


On the basis of the second-generation mobile intelligent patrol terminal, the appearance and structure have been improved, and more intelligent analysis functions have been added, which can analyze the characteristics of the vehicles and people, extract the license plate number, car color, and face , People’s clothing color and other feature information, and data structure. Widely used in traffic police. patrols, etc.




lAcousto-optical warning


lRelease text information


lPVM lLocal data storage & 4G transmission

lVehicle license and face recognition comparison(optional)

lWiFi Inspector

lWitnesses comparison

lIntelligent Equipment Management

l Taking evidence of urban traffic violation



Strong warning light:

       Using the latest dot-matrix luminous layout, imported PC lens, in line with the European and American international optic standards.

Illuminating light

       2 sides and front side.(Convenient for night work.)

Broadband loudspeaker:

        Optimizedthe sound effect of different frequency bands in high, middle and low,cooperate withthe digital power amplifier host can meet from the voice, music, alarm tone,and even high-pitched dispel and other different application scenes.



LED Screen:

       The integrated display screen of the patch lamp beads, which has could switch display function of road information by manual. And in the future, add the function of releasing real-time snapshot and warning information.

Vehicles’ positioning:

       Dual mode positioning modules–BDS/GPS, tracking real-time vehicle position and managing daily patrol route.



      The host integrated with 7 outputs wide-angle surveillance cameras. It could equipped with 360° turning PTZ on the top(optional).


Local data storage & 4G transmission: 

      Surveillance video, capturing data of people and vehicles, positioning information and business data, can be stored in the on-board device, and can also be uploaded to the public security big data platform through the 4G dedicated network for docking.


Face recognition:

      The built-in face recognition module can collect, analyze and compare all face pictures within the monitoring range. It can be used offline or through online comparison with the public security face database to realize the detection and control of personnel.

Vehicle license recognition:

      The built-in license plate recognition module can collect, analyze and compare the license plates of all vehicles within the monitoring range. The vehicle detection and control can be realized offline or through online comparison with the traffic police detection and control platform.

Voltage DC12V
Color Red/blue
Speaker 100-200W
Camera 8-9pcs
GPS/ beidou positioning 4G Support

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