Senken Vehicle Mounted Traffic LED Display CJXP12-KJ03


This product has the characteristics of novel design structure and convenient use.The display system is mainly composed of LCD control box and display screen.Liquid crystal control box can store the warning characters commonly used in the field command of traffic and engineering.The control box can be removed from the device at any time.The display screen adopts super bright LED, and when working, the luminous indicator can be seen at a distance in the sunlight.


Special structure: through the controller can publish traffic signs and patterns.

The power consumption of the display screen is low, and the battery is used for direct power supply without generator and noise pollution.

 High brightness, large Angle of view, adjustable brightness, horizontal Angle of view can reach plus or minus 60 degrees, can be effective under sunlight, night, fog, rain and other circumstances.

The controller can change the content of the display screen for convenient use.

Storage capacity and display mode: the display screen can store 99 pieces of information, and can be made into scroll screen, flip screen, 2 words, 4 words, 8 words or multiple words, etc.


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