FDK-09 European-style Riot Control Helmet


The shell of the helmet is designed according to the standards set by the Ministry of Public Security for riot helmets and is made of PC alloy, providing lightweight, high strength, aesthetically pleasing appearance, smooth lines, good light transmittance of the visor lens, wide field of view, comfortable and secure fit, and easy to put on and take off. It is an essential protective equipment for law enforcement personnel in counter-terrorism and riot control operations to ensure their own safety.



1. Material: The shell is made of engineering plastic, the cushioning layer is made of foam and soft energy-absorbing material, and the visor is made of PC material.

2. Product structure: It consists of a shell, cushioning layer, removable and washable liner, visor, wearing device (straps, chin cup, fastening buckle, and helmet suspension system), and neck protection.

3. Color: The surface color of the shell should be navy blue, and the helmet should have the word “POLICE” printed on it.

4. Light transmittance performance: The light transmittance of the helmet visor should be ≥75%.

5. Maximum optical distortion of the visor should be ≤4′.

6. Weight: ≤1.60kg.

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