LED Lightbar with double sides message sign TBD-A6


TBD-A6 wireless integrated LED lightbar with double sides message boards is high end warning light with perfect external shape and advanced technology. It integrates siren, speaker, message sign boards, wireless controller and other multifunctional configurations, ensuring a leading position in warning light industry. Small size, compact structure (1240X245X232), Wireless Bluetooth control, easy to operate (the controller adopts Bluetooth wireless control), Built-in digital alarm, DSP tuning, wi.



1)High brightness warning lights

2)Recordable siren

3)Clearly vision on the display screen within 100 meters

·Primary Warning Light:

1) Small size with compact structure

2) Control by Bluetooth, convenient for operation

3)Internal digital alarm,DSP tuning,with howling suppression function

4)External power cord,easy and convenient installation

5)Multiple functions with internal siren, warning light, speaker and display screen


1)Full symbol design of the button interface, suitable for global use.

2)Any functions can be displayed on the screen of the controller

3)Outer rubber protection ensure the anti-fall performance

4)Emergency button for urgent operation

5)Quick operation of recording and commanding

6)Announcements can be played through MP3 and synchronized with the display screen


1)Wide range of frequency, loud and clear

2)Small size, internal speaker design

3) Dual speakers position enable stereo sound

· LED message sign board

1)Dual sign boards of the front and the rear, audio synchronization

2)Editable announcements by mobile app

3)Display messages or signs can be controlled from both the mobile phone or the controller

4)Easy to modify the saved texts in the controller             

Working voltage DC12V
Working current ≤18A
Color Red,Amber,Blue
LED 36pcs/2W
Waterproof IP65
Working temperature -40℃ ~ 65℃
Dimension 1240(L)*265(W)*232(H) mm
Display dimension 640*160 mm
Application Police car, Ambulance, Firefighting, engineering

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