Senken LED lightbar TBD290000 Series


TBD290000 is a thin, bright, with low wind obstruction and high anti-impact performances lightbar, one of the luxury series.


·Low profile aluminum extrusion structsure gives the lightbar a light weight as well as high intensity;·The excellent vibration resistance, low wind obstruction and high anti-impact performance enables a smooth passing through of the vehicle in complicated driving conditions;·Both Gen3 or 5mm LED modules are available for lightbar configuration to satisfy different consumers for luxury or economical demand on LED lightbars;·Flash pattern can be customized based on different warning demands;·There are choices for this lightbar with built in speaker and without speaker;·With newest LED technology and optical system, 360 degree visibility is available by applying fresnel lenses all round the lightbar.·Excellent repairable structure, the individual light head can be replaced without taking apart whole body which will significantly save the maintenance cost;·Customizable lightbar size could be realized by adding/cutting standard sections of 20cm each;·Optional color for LED or lens cover from red, blue, amber or clear white.


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  • Q1: How to make order from your company?
    A1: Please send inquiry message to for any products details or solutions you need, we will contact with you for quotation on requested products, payment terms and shipping way details.

    Q2:What’s the MOQ of your orders?
    A2:Depending on different products, lightbars could be from one piece, for small headlights, MOQ usually starts from 50units. .

    Q3:What certificates do your products have?
    A3: We are supplying E-MARK, SAE, ROHS and NIJ certificate for different products based on different countries. For enterprise ceritificates, we have ISO9001, IS140000, ISO180000.

    Q4:How long is the warranty on your products?
    A4: We provide warranty terms based on different products, normally warranty period from one year to three years.

    Q5:Do you accept sample orders?
    A5: Yes, we accept sample orders for all our products, please contact us for further details.

    Q6:Can you provide product customization services?
    A6: Yes, we are supplying the products with customized and can provide the different solutions against customers demand.

    Q7:What is the delivery time for normal orders?
    A7: It will take us about 2 to 3 weeks for normal orders, for customized products, will consider the development process, normally 8 weeks most.

    Q8: How to become your distributor or dealer?

    A8: Please contact our sales representative for the details different regions: for South East Asia for Middle East and Ocean for Europe and Africa for North America and South America