SENKEN Police Tactical Belt


SENKEN Police Tactical Belt


SENKEN Police Tactical Belt

No. of warp Threads 

161 X 6 = 966 Nos (2400 D)

No. of weft thread per inch

86 X 4 = 344 Nos (+ 3) (1600D)

Denier of yarn in Fibs Thread

400 D

Numbers of Ribs (Per inch)


Overall length of Belt

119 cm (+ 2) x 5.0 cm

Inner Belt

80 cm (+ 2) x 4.2 cm

Shoulder Belt 

104 cm (+ 2) x 4.0 cm

Material of Buckle

Aluminum Alloy (Rust Resistant)

Total Weight of Buckle

85 + 05gm

Pouches & Hook

Water bottle hook, Mobile Cover with flap, Expandable Baton Holder, Wireless with flap, Handcuff Cover with flap, Magazine cover With flap, Traffic signal light/ Stop Sign hook, Note book cover pouches, Key part hook, Side Arm Strap, Flash Light Holder, and Other accessories as client requests.

Shelf Life

Minimum 5 Years

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  • Q1: How to make order from your company?
    A1: Please send inquiry message to for any products details or solutions you need, we will contact with you for quotation on requested products, payment terms and shipping way details.

    Q2:What’s the MOQ of your orders?
    A2:Depending on different products, lightbars could be from one piece, for small headlights, MOQ usually starts from 50units. .

    Q3:What certificates do your products have?
    A3: We are supplying E-MARK, SAE, ROHS and NIJ certificate for different products based on different countries. For enterprise ceritificates, we have ISO9001, IS140000, ISO180000.

    Q4:How long is the warranty on your products?
    A4: We provide warranty terms based on different products, normally warranty period from one year to three years.

    Q5:Do you accept sample orders?
    A5: Yes, we accept sample orders for all our products, please contact us for further details.

    Q6:Can you provide product customization services?
    A6: Yes, we are supplying the products with customized and can provide the different solutions against customers demand.

    Q7:What is the delivery time for normal orders?
    A7: It will take us about 2 to 3 weeks for normal orders, for customized products, will consider the development process, normally 8 weeks most.

    Q8: How to become your distributor or dealer?

    A8: Please contact our sales representative for the details different regions: for South East Asia for Middle East and Ocean for Europe and Africa for North America and South America