SENKEN Quick Wear Police Style Military Style Anti Riot Suit FBF-B-SK10


The riot gear adopts the principles of clothing design and breaks away from the traditional structure by designing it in a jacket suit style.The protective layer components are installed using a pocket installation method, making it convenient to put on and take off, and easy to clean by soaking the entire garment in water.There are horizontal straps sewn at the waist and legs, which can be used to attach equipment pouches. The shield area can be adjusted according to the individual’s height.



Main body of the riot gear: It adopts a comprehensive MOLLE system combined with Velcro, allowing for quick attachment of accessory attachments. The waist closure is adjustable in size and comfort using elastic materials, and the belt can be adjusted to fit various body types.

Specifications and dimensions of the riot gear: It should be suitable for individuals with a height range of 165cm-185cm, with one standard size. Users can adjust the connecting straps according to their own height. The riot gear should be easy to put on and take off, and should not significantly restrict the free movement of the arms or hinder actions such as kneeling, jumping, squatting, running, bending, and rotating of the body.

1. Color: navy blue;
2. The material used in the anti riot clothing is non-toxic and has no natural damage to human body. The appearance of anti riot clothing is free from wrinkle, crack, damage, gap, thread opening, needle leakage, thread end and other defects;
3. Product composition: the limb protective layer is made of engineering plastics and soft energy absorbing materials. The structure of the front chest and back protective layer is 2.0 mm thick aluminum plate overlapping layer + soft energy absorbing material, and the front crotch protective layer structure is 2.0 mm thick overall aluminum plate + soft energy absorbing material;
4. Total weight: ≤ 6.8kg;
5. Protection area: ≥ 0.86 m2;
6. Structural connection strength: fastening strength of nylon fastener: > 7.0n/cm2, buckle strength: > 500N, connecting belt strength: > 2000N;
7. Wearing time: less than or equal to 1 min;
8. The breaking strength of main fabric is greater than or equal to 1000N in warp direction and 500N in weft direction;
9. Stab proof performance: the front chest, back and front gear are punctured with 24J kinetic energy with standard test tools specified by ga68, and the tool tip does not penetrate;
10. Impact energy absorption performance: the front chest and back parts of the anti riot clothing are placed flat on the standard mortar, and the impact energy is 100J. The depth of the rubber indentation is not more than 18mm;
11. Impact resistance: with 120J kinetic energy impact, the protective parts are not damaged and cracked;
12. Flame retardant performance: the afterburning time of the surface of protective parts should be less than or equal to 10s;
13. After 5 times of washing, the afterburning time of main fabric should be less than or equal to 10s;
14. The elbow and knee protective parts of anti riot clothing are designed with movable structure;
15. The inner lining of the jacket (including front chest and back) is designed with cushion;
16. The side waist of the jacket, the inner sleeve and the inner thigh of trousers are designed with mesh;
17. The collar of the jacket is designed with double collar and the inner collar is made of rib fabric;
18. The size adjustment design should be designed on the position of the jacket (including the front chest, waist patch, crotch, upper arm, forearm, cuff) and pants (including thigh and leg); the sleeve length of the upper limb can be adjusted through the zipper; the length of the trousers can be adjusted through the buckle of the ribbon at the crotch, and the pants can be easily put on and off through the zipper on the leg;
19. Executive standard: GA420-2008 anti riot clothing;

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